Ensure your furry friend's safety (sans jingles) by embedding your contact details directly onto their buckle. You can customize up to three lines of text for laser engraving, such as your phone number, street address, "microchipped", "requires medication", and more.

The engraving goes on the collar buckle as shown in the picture below.

Add buckle engraving when you purchase a collar or a matching set of collar & leash

Add Buckle Engraving

Customize the buckle by engraving your pet’s name and contact details.



We design matching sets of dog collars, leashes, and waste bag holders that last, using durable, stain-resistant fabrics. We want your dog to be an extension of stylish you. We tested our products to be tailored for the dog size, understanding the length and the weight of the product to be completely comfortable for you and your little friend.