Created with Love

We are a family business based in New York City that was inspired by love to our new family addition - Jejou!

For the Best Version of You and Your Dog

  • Designed for the best fit for you and your dog. Jejou Dog was founded in New York City with one thought in mind: our pets are extensions of us. Just as we aim to be happy and stylish, we want the same for our furry family members!

    At Jejou Dog, we curate products with care and precision. Each item undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it meets the high standards set by our discerning mascot. Jejou’s paw of approval guarantees quality, comfort, and joy for your furry family members. Because when it comes to our pets, nothing less than the best will do!

  • Stylish and durable. Our mission is to ensure that every dog looks beautiful during walks
    with you. At Jejou, we’ve painstakingly designed and rigorously tested each product,
    carefully selecting the finest details that make our collars and leashes both beautiful and
    comfortable. They’re built to last. As New Yorkers, we draw inspiration from the incredible
    styles and designs that surround us!

  • Plastic buckles free. After observing our little Jejou chew and swallow plastic from his
    toys and leashes, we couldn’t help but imagine how uncomfortable his tummy must have felt afterward. As a result, we’ve made a conscious effort to minimize plastic usage in our products, and whenever possible, we completely avoid it. We believe that you share our
    commitment to creating a better environment for both us and our furry companions.