Jejou Dog was founded with one goal in mind that our pets are extensions of us - if we want to look neat and stylish so do we want our family to look the same!

It all started here, in NYC, with us getting a little Jejou for our family, our furry and fluffy friend that brings us so much joy! We started looking for collars and leashes that would be stylish, durable, and functional and we could not find much choice in the market.

And so we decided we want to express ourselves and make dog accessories that are elevating your dog's appearance and so that your little friend is an extension of caring you. With Jejou here to try and model our each product we were able to experiment and pick the best details for each product, well suited for a small and medium size dog.

With Jejou Dog we want to share with you Jejou's lifestyle by bringing dog accessories and products that our dog (or us, as his owners) would choose.

Lastly, we noticed that Jejou chews and swallows plastic from his toys and leashes. We can only imagine how badly his tummy feels after. So we decided to minimize use/or if possible entirely avoid plastic which is also bad for the environment in our products. We believe you will feel the same - we already have enough plastic in our lives!

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