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Dog Leash - Green Stripe

Dog Leash - Green Stripe

Stylish and durable leash made from long-lasting nylon, paired with a scratch-resistant gold hook, designed in New York.

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  • Both leash sizes pair well with S and M size collars
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Description & Product Care

Fabric: Crafted with strong nylon that is stain-resistant, stays in as-new condition for a long time, and has a soft feel.
Hardware: Beautiful gold metal hook complements the design and has a durable surface, tested to be scratch and tarnish-resistant.
Adjustable - 2 Sizes: Petite 4.6ft and Regular 5ft.
Product care:
To safeguard the hardware, it is recommended to opt for either hand washing or using a delicate cycle on your washing machine with cold water.
Don't forget to place the item inside a bag or pillowcase, which will provide an extra layer of protection.
When drying the nylon strap, hang it up or lay it flat, and allow it to dry completely.


Click here for details for dog collar size.
Length 4.6ft
3/4" wide
Length 5ft
1" wide


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Stylish You & YOUR DOG

We design matching sets of dog collars, leashes, and waste bag holders that last, using durable, stain-resistant nylon. We want your dog to be an extension of stylish you. We tested our products to be tailored for the dog size, understanding the length and the weight of the product to be completely comfortable for you and your little friend.